During my time in college I was always fascinated by crime, specifically understanding why or what causes an individual(s) to chose to commit a crime and the different theories relating to that main question of why. I decided at the age of 18 to take this wanting to know more as the perfect time to begin my BSc in 2014 which focused on analysing offending behaviour. My main topic of focus, specifically in my dissertation, around the comparison of media representation between youth criminal gangs and large groups of young individuals. My other pieces of work also focused around crimes committed against and by individual’s with learning disabilities, mental health and offenders, women offenders and drug crimes. I graduated in 2017 with a high 2:1 and decided to move straight into studying an MSc in Investigative Psychology. Here I focused my work around profiling an offender, geographical profiling and forensic / clinical psychology. I graduated in 2018, and although offered the opportunity to complete a PhD I decided to delve into the world of employment and gather an understanding of the world of crime from an employment perspective. Now working full time, I still enjoy writing and researching in my spare time and this is the reason why this blog (True Crime England) was created.

I really hope you enjoy my blog and if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback then feel free to contact me.