The Disappearance of Martin Allen

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The Disappearance of Patrick Warren and David Spencer

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Ricardo Lopez / The Bjork Stalker

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The A6 Murderer, James Hanratty

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An Analysis of Potential Wrongful Conviction in relation to the โ€˜2000 Labor Day Murdersโ€™

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The Unsolved Abduction of Ames Glover

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The Kidnapping and Murder of Mark Tildesely

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The McKay Kidnapping

969 was a good year for British newspapers. Not only did the worldโ€™s first supersonic airliner make its maiden flight, but Prince Charles was invested as the Prince of Wales. Not to mention that the first man stepped foot on the moon. However British media would be changed forever as in 1969, Rupert Murdoch expanded his media empire from Australia over to the United Kingdom by taking over the News of the World and The Sun Newspaper. Murdoch had a reputation of gaining stories through salacious gossip and intrusion of privacy and this worried many reporters and journalists within the United Kingdom. With this in mind, David Frost took this as an opportunity to interview the millionaire over his assets and how exactly he could afford to buy the two biggest newspapers in the UK. This programme was seen by two extremely greedy brothers and the programme that was made to draw attention to Murdoch of a person instead lead to one of the biggest kidnappings within the UK.