An Analysis of Potential Wrongful Conviction in relation to the โ€˜2000 Labor Day Murdersโ€™

On Monday 4th September 2000, at approximately 12:37pm a crime scene was discovered at Bladen Road, near the train lines. … More

The Cumbria Shootings / Derek Bird

Derek Bird On the 27th November 1957, Mary Bird gave birth to two beautiful twin boys. The twins were named … More

A Brief History of Crime (1803 – 1986)

Between 1550 and 1700, British authors and publishers began to expand their mindโ€™s and delve into the world of crime fiction. As literacy rates expanded and new print inventions became available, the hot topic of crime fiction began to spread through the streets of the United Kingdom. Hundreds of crime pamphlets, usually detailing horrific murders began to circulate and ballads depicting crime in narrative verse began to appear on the pages of broadsheet newspapers. However, behind the fiction writing of some of the greatest English authors of all time, lay the deep and terrifying world of real crime, spanning over the centuries to bring us the bases of real crime and the stories which have haunted children for many, many decades.